Rhythm cues in lead sheet

I don’t understand. Do you mean just display as rhythmic slashes as opposed to changing the voice? I tried both with the same result.

  • Leave the notes that you are cueing as regular Up-stem Voice 1
  • Create the cue where you wish
  • Select the cue
  • Open the lower zone (Properties)
  • Select Rhythmic cue
  • Select Use rhythmic slashes
  • Select Distance and change as necessary

Where is the option to “use rhythmic slashes?”

Only thing I’m not finding at the moment.

After you’ve selected Rhythmic cue that option should appear directly below (along with Slash appearance).

Don’t see it as an option. Using Dorico 4 if that matters.

Use rhythmic slashes was added in Dorico 5.1.

One method which I and others have used in situations where the cue appearance is desired to be editable without altering the appearance of the cued instrument and in situations where Dorico does not (yet) do exactly what a user wants, is to create an extra player which is used solely as the source of the cue. In this extra player, change the noteheads to slashes. That should then be how they appear in the cue. The extra player should not be included in the score layout and should probably also have its playback suppressed (in Properties).

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Sorry Nathan, I didn’t consider that it wasn’t available in D4.

You can also not use cues at all and just enter it as a Slash Voice.

This way solves the visibility issue between score and parts as the rhythmic “cue” will need to be visible in the score, but all other traditional entrance cues will not.

@StevenJones01 this is what I did to get the cue in there in the first place - I have a separate player dedicated to the rhythmic cue. If the notes are not rhythm slashes, then they appear above the staff as desired, just as regular notes. Looks like if I’m to go that route, they will have to be regular noteheads until I upgrade to Dorico 5.

@FredGUnn I’ll experiment with this. It’s not necessary they be rhythmic slashes, but it sure would be nice.

Correct me if I’m wrong but my experience is that ANY method of placing cues or rhythms above the staff for the purposes of rhythm section accents has the unfortunate side effect of forcing all stems in the main voice down. Then you have to note-for-note change the stem direction of all notes in which the stem is backwards.

Just to confirm, you’ve tried leaving the cue music as Up-stem Voice 1 and changing the noteheads to slashes, rather than a slash voice? You should be able to position the notes wherever you like on the stave this way, which should be reflected in the cue to the best of my knowledge.

And just the note heads!
This becomes unnecessary in D 5.1, however.


The only 2 methods of making slash notes I know are either changing the voice to “slashes with stems” or using the “up-stem slash voice x.” I’ve tried both in the cue part and neither one allows me to move the cue above the staff.

Not at the computer right now, so I don’t know if I’m using the correct terms.

Have you tried this?

That changes just the note head!