Rhythm grid guide lines?

I’m writing pieces for classical choir. Sometimes it would greatly help the singers out if I could add some guide lines abode the stave to show which notes are on the beat (quarter notes) and which ones are between them .
Is there a simple way to add something looking similar to the input grid (when in write inputting notes) into the score for certain bars?
I tried to use vertical lines and moving them in engrave mode, but this is a bit cumbersome as they are tied to notes and can not just be freely added to the bar.

You could add lyrics or text items at whatever rhythmic grid position you want? Make sure the caret is at the right place just before you input, and the lyric or text item (or whatever type of notation best makes sense to you) will be input there.

On a side note, it’s possible to input horizontal lines at arbitrary rhythmic positions, not just on notes – use the attachment point buttons in the Lines panel prior to inputting a line to determine its attachment types. Lines can be attached to rhythmic positions, barlines, or noteheads (and the two ends can have different attachments, if needed).

Thanks! Yes, probably adding Pipe-symbols as text at certain positions would do the trick. Would be nice though to have a “Horizontal line” type that has markers at each quarter (or depending on the selected quantization when inserting) as they can much simpler be added to certain bars and would of course look much nicer.

I was thinking the pipe character too. Note that lyrics and playing techniques center on noteheads by default, while staff text aligns (L, R, or C) with the left edge of the beat.