Rhythm notation for guitar

I haven’t figure out how to search for this in the help, but perhaps someone here might know. How would you do something like this?
Thanks all.

Easy! Add those bottom notes as real notes. Then with the notes selected, use the Properties panel (lower panel) to supress playback and set color to Alpha channel 0 (transparent).

Or build a custom notehead set that uses two or three text spaces instead of noteheads. This way you don’t have to remember to print/export in “color”.

Thanks for the demo!
I’m getting this however. It doesn’t seem to apply to the second half of a tied note.
Write mode shows grey:
Print preview shows black:

Grey indicates “suppress playback.” It’s not a printing color, just an indicator of what won’t be played.

Thanks everyone.
I made a custom non-notehead as per @pianoleo which gets around the tied note issue.
Except now I don’t know how to get rid of this flat:
Selecting that flat and changing the colour to white or alpha channel to 0 doesn’t seem to make any difference.
Any ideas?

Sure, select the note and press Alt-up, then Alt-down (on Mac, I think it’s Opt-). It’ll make it diatonic… no accidentals. Or in Properties panel, set accidental to “Hide.”

Ah yes, I see the hide option! Thanks :+1: