Rhythm slashes


I’m going crazy with rhythmic slashes. Why is it so difficult to have slashes in drum notation??
I tried to put rhythmic slashes to my rhythm kit. I did as you can see in the image. But how can I acutally write in rhythmic slashes? It always writing the notes with normal heads… (second image)

That’s odd; it works for me in Dorico 4 in Windows.

Hi everyone, I’m happy for any help. I need to finish this arrangement as fast as possible…
Thanks! :slight_smile:

Odd that your note button selected has a down stem, but the notes themselves on the center line have up stems. Are you sure you haven’t somehow mixed up the voices?

What do you see if you display the kit as separate single-line instruments or as a grid?

Hi Derrek,
the stems are going down because I forced them. :slight_smile:
When I click on separate singele-line or on grid, I can’t see the "slashes (without stems).

Can you describe how you “program” the slashes in your drum kit and how you then actually write them?

It seems like I cannot write in different voices. I did a screenshot where you can see the shadow of a slash-head, but it writes normal notes. I think there’s something I don’t understand. I also updated on Dorico 4 now, but it din’t help so far.
Bildschirmfoto 2022-04-01 um 09.35.24

Invoke the caret, use the up and down arrows until you see Slashes (without stems), choose your note values and type Y.

Does that work?