Rhythm spelling

In 4/4 I have

1/4, dotted 1/4, 1/8 rest, 1/4

I would like the dotted 1/4 to be a 1/4 tied to an 1/8. If I change the 1/8 rest to an 1/8 note I get what I want (in line with 'notes starting on a beat ending in the middle of a beat). Why does this preference not apply if followed by the rest?

This is not an import of any kind.

Weird that I’ve not hit this before…

What is the next option set to (“Notes starting on a beat followed by a rest in the middle of a beat”)?

FWIW I get the tied note (as you want it).

Possibly you have changed the notation or engraving options to something strange. Or you entered a strange rhythmic grouping when you defined the 4/4 time signature.

Somehow I think the answer is going to be “attach the score.”

Rob, my suspicion is that this is set incorrectly:

In the lower preference (notes…followed by a rest…) I have set to notate as a single note, which I want if it is on beat one, but not if it crosses the half bar. I’m surprised I haven’t hit this before.