Rhythmic cue displaces rests in bar below

Strangely, this is happening in the current project but I swear I’ve done this before and had no problem. I made a rhythmic cue using a drum set as a ‘feeder’. Moved that cue up above the bar in question but it displaced the existing rests in that bar downwards (see screenshot). So then I used an electric guitar to create a cue but it’s the same issue. As you can see, I need to take the ledger lines off the notes because I need to move the notes up high enough that they sit above the bar. But the rests don’t come with the notes in the guitar part although in the cue, the rests in the cue are positioned correctly. I’m doing some thing wrong… but what?

The Music’s Playing Slow.dorico (907.9 KB)

To move the rests back to their usual position, do the following: select the rests, open the Properties panel and click on Rest pos. (in the Notes and Rests category).
If you want the notes in the electric guitar part in bar 9 to be in the staff rather than above it but still keep the guitar cue in the vocal part above the staff, do this: select the guitar notes in bar 9, move them down an octave, then select the cue (above the vocal part) and click on Rhythmic cue in Properties > Cues. You can alter the distance of the cue above the vocal staff by clicking on Distance and entering a value.

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So simple. I clicked on the rests and tried to go into Engrave Mode and use Alt-Ctrl-arrow to move them around. Should have just looked in Properties. I swear guys, I’m getting better at figuring these things out for myself. Thanks a lot for the quick reply.

I’ll try the second trick later tonight. Thanks again

Don’t worry, I haven’t even graduated from the “finding the solution to my problem straight after creating a thread” class yet.