Rhythmic cues and beamed stems height

I’m having a problem with rhythmic cues. I would like to use them to cue the underlying rhythm of the harmony. However, as soon as I add a cue, the stem height of beamed notes that are up-stem goes as high as the cue stems. Is there any way to prevent this?
Captura de ecrã 2020-03-30, às 17.26.02.png
This is what I’d like to be done automatically (adjusted in engrave mode)
Captura de ecrã 2020-03-30, às 17.29.44.png

Here the attached Dorico file, if it’s of any help.
cue mess.dorico.zip (677 KB)

If the cue and the main voice have the same stem direction, Dorico will try to elongate the stems of the “main” voice to avoid the noteheads in the cue. Unfortunately there’s no automatic route around this. You could flip the stems of the “main” voice, or you will have to adjust the stem lengths yourself in Engrave mode.

Ok, thanks!