Rhythmic display configurations

See screenshot. I’m in 4/4 and this passage came in from a MusicXML import.

Screenshot 2022-11-21 at 10.54.08 PM

This is noted as 8th 8th quarter tied to a half. I would like it notated as the simpler 8th 8th dotted-half.

How do I do that (short of re-entering the music from scratch)? I searched everywhere for a “reset rhythm” type function but couldn’t find it.

The setting is in Notation Options, here:

(The “normal” setting would be to show the half-bar border, so that is why your result is the default. Also note that Notation Options are per flow, so you’ll either have to make this setting the default for new flows by choosing that option below, or set it anew every time…)

Have fun,

Perfect, thank you!