Rhythmic feels for swing playback on iPad

Pasting exactly the text for swing feels as written in the user guide into the tempo popover has no effect as far as I can tell.

Also I notice rather curious behaviour when I start typing swing. I get sometimes sw1 swing 16ths (fixed ) and some strange blue handles but no dropdown list and no other alternatives. My piece requires swing 8ths so when I type this in (on-screen QWERTY) I still get straight 8ths

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Yes, it’s a bit difficult to input some of these specific strings because of the auto-correction in the popover, which is something we’re working on. You might find it helpful to type the appropriate string elsewhere (e.g. in Notes) and then copy and paste it into the popover. I’m sorry it’s so inconvenient at the moment!

Re text entry into popup:
Yes, there is evidently a conflict between autocompletion and offering an option list - It’s the same kind of thing you get with web form date picker fields in Safari.

Re swing playback:
I’d tried copying the exact string from the user guide and pasting it into the tempo popover but it had no effect.

I thought that maybe there was some html markup coming across with it so I pasted via Notes as you suggested (although I see that Notes has markup also) but still the directive to swing the 8th notes was ignored.

Diagnostic projects:

  • Swing High doesn’t swing :frowning:
  • Swing Higher only swung the 8ths after it was imported to the desktop and Playback >> Timing options updated to swing 8th notes

Swing high.dorico (518.9 KB)
Swing higher.dorico (526.1 KB)

It looks like the wrong sort of tempo event is being created: these are absolute metronome marks rather than rhythmic feels. We’ll probably need to take a closer look at what’s going on here.

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