Rhythmic Grammar issue


I’m writing music in 4/4 with lots of syncopated 1/16ths. Sometimes Dorico will notate the music so that beats 2 or 4 are not visible. I understand the rule about the ‘invisible line’ at beat 3, but I want to write in such a way that all downbeats are visible. This seems more correct to me.
I hope this makes sense. I’ve attached two screenshots to help explain what I mean.


Screen Shot 2020-03-12 at 9.33.20 am.png
Screen Shot 2020-03-12 at 9.33.03 am.png

Setting this one Notation Option should fix this (it’ll also split the first quarter into two tied eighths).

You also have Force Duration at your disposal for one-off cases.

Thanks Leo that fixed it.