Rhythmic grid keyboard shortcuts

It just occurred to me that since 64th and 128th notes are rarely used, I could reassign the numbers 1 and 2 to “Decrease/Increase Rhythmic Grid Resolution”. This works really well, especially when using the (wonderful) shortcut option-shift left/right arrow (Mac) to shorten or lengthen note durations.

In fact I think it’s such a good idea, the Dorico team might want to consider making 1 and 2 the default rhythmic grid shortcuts - they are on the same row of the keyboard as all the other rhythm values, and they are much easier to remember than the built-in shortcut (which I’ve already forgotten). And easily changing the rhythmic grid can make input and editing much faster.

Just a suggestion - Merry Christmas, happy holidays and congrats to the Dorico team on getting 1.0.20 out the door!

One other related idea: as I’m inputting notes, I find that when I change the rhythmic grid resolution, I’m unconsciously expecting my next rhythmic value (an 8th note, for example) to be the same as the grid resolution I’ve just changed to.

Could there be a way (perhaps an option under Preferences) to have the grid resolution update your rhythm value selection automatically, if and only if the grid resolution is changed? There’s nothing to stop you from selecting a dotted half note the regular way, but this could be a time saver. And since the rhythmic grid is always visible during note entry, it would give the user a visual reinforcement for the rhythmic value they are about to enter (I usually have the left panel hidden, so I can’t tell which rhythmic value is currently selected).

Again, just a suggestion.

I like both of these!

Pretty, pretty great, both posts, Steven Taylor! I immediately adopted the shortcuts, and I thought about the grid in a similar way.