Rhythmic slash notation not for the full bar

If I change music to rhythmic slashes, is there a way to go back to normal notation within a bar? Here it changes always the whole bar (but I only selected parts of it)

Thanks, Jürgen

Yes. Grab the handle and move it back, or use Shift-Alt-left arrow.

No, I mean: I change a normal voice to rhythmic slashes with the “voices”-menu. Sorry, German version… Then it changes to thythmic slashes, but the whole bar (i want it only for beat 1-3)

To add a slash voice, in note input mode, type Alt-Shift-V. It will be added as a new voice, so you’ll need to remove extra rests.

Dear Dan, yes, of course this is a way to add rhythmic slashes. But if I select existing music (like in pic. 1) without the last 3 notes and change the voice to rhythmic slashes with stems, I get pic. 2… The whole bar is slashes. Even the notes I didn’t want do be converted.

Does it happen if you convert those selected notes to a different voice first, such as Upstem Voice 2?

Thanks, perfect! That was the solution, it works!