Rhythmic spelling of 5/8

Finale user since V1 and Sibelius 7. Currently trying out Dorico 1.2. While after almost 30 years of Finale I know it well and I like Sibelius more than I care to admit, Dorico looks and feels very modern and solid. Not sure yet if I will add it to my arsenal since I am discovering so many ‘little’ things that are hidden in Finale but they are there - Dorico either has them hidden very well or doesn’t have them.

For example:
In a 5/8 bar I want this rhythmic grouping: 8th-8th 8th.-8th. (Finale 5-8.png)

I can’t find a way in Dorico to get this. It forces me to use it’s suggestion (Dorico 5-8). The only way I could so far figure out is to use a compound meter 2/8+3/16+3/16.

Also, is there any documentation other than the online help which is ok to get started but horrible to look anything up. I used to bitch at Finale three volume printed tome, then I bitched at the Sibelius manual…

Two solutions:

  1. 5/8 meter - use force duration on the first dotted 8th.
  2. 10/16 meter.

even better: [2+3]/8

I didn’t think [2+3]/8 would give Peter the double dotted-eighths he wanted. But it does.
Kudos, @dbudde!


But 2/8+3/8 is not the same as [2+3]/8? How do I enter [2+3]/8?

Write it like that in the shift-M popover !

Thanks. This worked.