Hi. I thought I’d try the Rhythmizer demo (Rhythmizer 2.1 | Futurephonic), but I can’t see how to patch it in Cubase (12.4). It looks like it wants to be an instrument, and shows up in the VST Manager as such, but it seems like it should be an effect, and it doesn’t show up there.

It seems to me like it is a plugin that generates MIDI. Therefor it is an instrument.
Once you have an instance loaded, you should see a MIDI port created that you can use as an input to other instruments. Have you tried it?

I’ve looked for something like that, but I can’t figure out how to do it.

Try creating an Instrument Track with the Rythmizer.
Next, create another Instrument Track with an instrument of your choice and set the MIDI input in the Inspector to the Rythmizer MIDI output.
Arm both tracks.

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Yes. That worked, thanks.