Rice is Life-documentary about Vietnam rice farmers

hi all,
I’ve recently finished audio-post for a documentary about rice farmers in the Mekong Delta. It’s a non-profit project for a charity organisation helping poor and sick people of Vietnam.

All audio work was done in Cubase 6.0.7 including voice over recording, sound design and the whole mix.
Cubase was stable as a rock and was a pleasure to work with. The project was around 30 tracks with lots of editing, noise reduction, a couple of vsti’s for sound design, side-chaining, etc.

I’d appreciate some critical comments from fellow pro’s as this is my biggest audio-post gig so far :mrgreen:



First I have say how much I enjoyed the entire video, the music was also very nice and served its purpose well. Do you live in Vietnam? I currently have a friends there who is a world class musician.

My only criticism of sound track is you might have done more to duck music Sidechain Compression as there were several parts where keyboards might have been slightly too loud for voice over. I say might because I was listening on studio monitor not TV.

Great film production, sound edits and narration, I learned a lot here

Hi Kenny,
Thanks for taking the time to watch the movie. I know it’s asking a lot on this forum where most people post links to short pieces of music.

And thank you for your kind words and comments. I will definitely pay more attention to the levels and ducking next time :slight_smile:
Apart from the audio work, I also did all video editing and visuals plus DVD authoring with two language versions (I had to learn very fast, I must admit :wink: ) -I did everything except filming which was done by someone in Vietnam.

I’m living Bangkok now so not too far from Vietnam, either. The director/producer of the movie had lived in Vietnam for 10 years before moving to Bangkok where we met and finished this project together.


Hats off to you! My sister has been living in Bangkok 9 months out of year now for the past 8 years (she goes to NY in summer). I keep planing to visit but never do :frowning:

Thought i’d share this song with my friend (a Percussionist) that goes to Bangkok three x’s a year…always trying to get him to take me lol

Again great documentary, hope it brings you more success!

thanks again for your time. I’ve had a listen to some of your tunes and they’re really really good. Great musicianship and production skills :slight_smile:
Let me know if you decide to visit BKK one day and would fancy a beer with a fellow Cubaser :wink:


I’d like to listen if you have a link from anywhere else. For some reason streaming from vimeo not only freezes my browser but my computer too.

if streaming doesn’t work for you, you can download it from vimeo. Click on download and then right-click on file name and save to your computer.
hope that helps :slight_smile:

I’ll be sure to do that soon and give some thoughts.