riding the click level

I can’t find a way to ride the click level in real time in Nuendo, either to the main output or the control room, important for quiet sections where i want to minimize the bleed in to headphones.

Also, is there any way to utilize a single volume fader in the metronome setup?

Can I use a controller message to change the click level?

Perhaps you could record the click to an audio track and then automate the level.

Do you work with a RME device for I/O?
You might be able to use TotalMix for that.

Big K

I ended up using MIDI click, sending to an instrument track with side stick samples. I dedicated a sys ex knob to the volume of the plugin and sent it to a group track from which i have four cue sends for the band.

Maybe there’s an easier way but this one is working.


if you own a Steinberg instrument, like Halion 5, GA 4 or alike, the standalone player used there comes with a metronome VST3 plugin. It’s located in the VST3 subfolder of the particular program folder. You can copy that to your system VST3 folder and use that plugin as a generator. So just create an empty audio track, put the metronome on the first insert slot, and you got your adjustable click track.