Right channel is louder than left channel

Hey, guys.

I have a problem with the individual loudness of my left and right speaker.

When I pan/balance the sound all the way to the left, the sound is noticeably lower than when it’s panned/balanced all the way to the right. I’ve also unplugged the high-range speakers, so that only the bass-speaker remains active. And the problem is still noticeably.

I’ve tried playing the same song, at the same location in the song, in both FL Studio and Cubase - and this pan-loudness-problem occurs in both of those DAWs. So it’s not the specific DAW that creates the loudness-difference.

Have any of you experienced this kind of a problem?
If so, did you find the cause and solution for it?

Thanks for any responses and suggestions.

Computer: PC, Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
Sound-card: M-Audio Audiophile 2496 (My speakers are using the analog outputs of the soundcard)
Speakers: Altec Lansing VS2721 (Computer-speakers)

  1. Does your audio interface have a mixer/monitor software. If so, set all volumes there to unity (0dB).
  2. Swap speakers (connect left speaker to right output and vice versa). Did the lower sound volume go to right speaker? If so, the problem is somewhere in your audio interface.
  3. If not, the problem is somewhere in speakers or cables. Do your speakers have individual volume settings? If so adjust it.

Thanks for the response, I think I found the cause of the problem.
When I re-plugged the cable from the soundcard to the speakers, the loudness was equal in both channels again. I don’t know what really caused the unbalanced loudness, but it seems that there must have been some bad connection in the cable-plug. So I’ll just leave the cable-plug in this exact position, and stay the fuck away from it! :wink: