Right click drop down menu

This is the front page blurb on Steinberg.net about Cubase 10 and actually made me laugh due to the irony.

“Cubase 10 delivers many impressive new features in a remarkably powerful software package. It includes many new tools to enhance your creativity and speed your workflow.”

My workflow has been completely destroyed by the removal of the right click menu option. So much so in fact that I just went back to using 9.5 right after installing Cubase 10 to get my work done quickly and in a timely manner, even though I paid for and have Cubase 10 sitting on my hard drive not being used. I uninstalled it and haven’t bothered installing it since. So I paid for it and now unfortunately find it completely useless.

When you release new software, you’re supposed to add new features, not take useful ones away.

Any news on whether or not this has been added back to Cubase 10 so I can re-install it if it has been?


As of this date it has not been fixed. But, according to the 1st post is the attached link, the right click menu is supposed to be fixed in a future update. I’ve seen a few posts that mention the next CB 10 maintenance update will be released this week. Fingers crossed but… we never know until it is. And, who knows if it will include fixes for the menu.


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It has gone very quiet about this here with no indication from Steinberg whether it is being addressed and will make some sort of compromise / re-appearance. I’m an everyday pro studio user of Cubase but have not been able to use it because of this. I also still find the colour tool not as fast as the one in 9.5.

Color tool is a bit off topic but… version history for CB 10.0.15 lists a few fixes for the color tool. Maybe this update is for you.


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I have been checking for updates almost daily.
I know it seems silly to some, I have seen people saying “just use key commands” the problem is I already use a lot of key commands, a whole lot! I still go to the right click menu for somethings, things I don’t use as often, swapping to tools that I don’t use as often so don’t hot keyed on my track ball.
This is one of the things I hate about modern updates to software that has been around for a very long time, companies feel they have to change things to add value, here have this new transport bar, it’s not as good as the previous one but it is new. You want to make the transport bar better? Add the scrub and varispeed controlls back to it. I mean they were litterally something you could choose to add and you just removed that option.
You want to improve, make things customisable, let me choose what is in my right click menu.
If it aint broke don’t fix it, especially don’t make it worse.

Wellsaid, agree !