Right click / mouse / Toolbar / Cubase 11 / NOT WORKING AS EXPECTED

The “right click / mouse / toolbar” does not highlight the tools when moving the mouse from left to right or right to left, only when clicking, which is confusing.


This is known and already reported issue. Thank you.

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I hope the fix also re-introduces the green loading bar when you “right-click > toolbar > hold left-click" on e.g. the object selection tool to choose between the sizing option (aka just like in the previous toolbar). I think it’s pretty obvious but I still want to mention it. Better safe…
Thanks & best.

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Oh, really? There were so many negative comments on this here on the forum. So it has been removed, because the users didn’t like it. So I’m wondering to hear, someone liked it.

Hi Martin,
I was on C10 previously and it never really bothered me. It looked pretty neat to me. I’m kinda missing it in C11 now since I got used to it. Didn’t know there were many negative comments on it. Too bad it was removed and not just made a preference.
Holding left-click on the popup toolbar without indication feels so weird now but it’s not that severe of an issue to me.

in my opinion this kind of things should not be deliberately removed, in the software should be added the option for the user to remove or keep features … This is the second feature I seen that was removed just like that without a poll or something… it probably may be 20% who do not want something on Cubase and come here to complain, but the 80% who does not complain is because we are happy with those features…

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I don’t think, there should be preferences for such a detail. I’m afraid, the preferences are crowded already.

For me at least, I wished it had been made a preference. I’d rather prefer more options actually, however I understand it would mean more code to maintain.

I also happen to think that the preferences are not that crowded. Several preference sections only have 3-4 items. And if it gets really really big in the future, you could still implement something like a text search filter in there.


It’s not about the number of the items in the preferences at all. It’s more about the number of combinations, which could happen. You have to maintain, test, think thru all the combinations again and again, when you design a new feature, develop it, test it, describe it in the manual, support it, explain to the users…

Does it really bring such a value to the users? Do the users prefer to have more preferences and lower quality and less real features?

Why lower quality? … don’t get it…

A feature that was also deliberately removed and that really looks like a downgrade is dragging an audio and dropping it anywhere in the workspace and in the middle of two audio or midi (or whatever) tracks… this was quite useful in my opinion and now by request of a couple of users, Steinberg have removed/ modified this feature. In my opinion this is a good example of a feature that should have become a preference. I, as well as several of my colleagues, used this feature a lot, as it was convenient, fast and an advantage.

Instead of that now one has to first place the cursor where the audio will be placed, then find the space by navigating to the left pane and then drop the audio… now this feature is slow, annoying and uncomfortable task…

Why such kind of modification without a poll / survey?.. it doesn’t seem fair to me, whats the % of complaining users for this?

and OK… this modification doesn’t stop my work, but certainly, it was removed a great feature from Cubase that I didn’t see in any other DAW.


Because all the team (testers, developers) would need to spend the time by maintaining (and thinking thru) all the preferences combinations instead of developing new features or fixing more important bugs.

The time is limited for all. Either they could spend the time by maintaining preferences and all combinations, or they could spend the very same time on maintaining other (I would say more important) features. Or they could spend a time to develop a new features.