Right+Click Score Menu (and others)

Hi there!

I’ve noticed that unfortunatelly you have removed all functions from the SCORE’s “right+click” menu. You have made impossible to access from this menu to functions like set the number of measures, delete doubles, legato, etc. This has been very helpful and improved my workflow a lot for years. Now I’ve to be jumping from the MIDI to the SCORE menus again and again, trying to remember where was each function. This is not helpful at all.

Also, I’ve seen that now when you right+click in other editors and in the arrangement window, the set of tools are under a new sub menu, making more difficult to access them. It was very quick to access these tools and now it isn’t.

What’s the point whith these changes? I think that a change should be made as an improvement, and these are not at all (like the new Transport Panel, that is completely useless on my laptop, and very anoying).

These changes are disturbing my workflow enough to make me consider to rollback to Cubase 9.5, and forget the new and awesome functions of Cubase 10.5.

I’m client of Steinberg since Atari times, and I had to face a lot of changes of the DAW: Cubase VST 32, Cubase SX, Cubase 4, etc., and all changes has always means hugh improvements to the DAW. Cubase 10.5 is not an exception. It have a lot of new functions that I appreciate very much, like ARA 2, Mixer Snapshots, MIDI Retrospective improvements just to mention some, but please: Restore the right+click and the Transport Panel usability, I’m sure there’s a lot of people around here that would be grateful if you do it.

Kind regards.

Yes, the right-click MIDI menu is needed in the Score Editor. I posted a request: Score Editor Right-click menu: Add the (still missing) MIDI functions - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

I’m afraid your post have been deleted, the link points to a page that shows: “The requested topic does not exist.” :frowning: .

Sorry about that, here’s the link: Score Editor Right-click menu: Add the (still missing) MIDI functions - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

Now it works perfect, and I have seen the post :slight_smile: . Yes, these functions and others like “Move this Stave to the next page”, that was in this menu in Cubase 9.5 made very easy to work with the Score editor. Now is a nightmare to try to remember where is what and in which one menu.