Right click toolbox changed?

I’m trialing Cubase 11 from 9.
The right click mouse now brings up Tools, then you have to select which tool.
Has the right click bringing up all tools immediately, disappeared or can I modify this behaviour?


Are you aware of the Preferences > Editing > Tools > Show Toolbox on Right-Click, please? If this is disabled, you get the whole menu by the right-click.

Or if this preference is enabled, you can call the whole menu by hold down Ctrl/Cmd + right-click.

Or are you talking about something different?

Hi Martin,
Yes, I have disable that setting.
In Cubase 9 it’s simply right click and the tools are there.
It takes an extra step in Cubase 11, right click then hover over Tools and THEN select
(see pics)


All right-click menus have been redesigned in Cubase 10 (or 10.5) already.

Hi Martin, Thanks.
Why Steinberg would want to create an extra step in such a common action I have no idea but it’s a deal breaker for me.~
Also, if I wanted to use a plugin on a section of audio it was simply right click/audio/plugin.
How is this now achieved please?


To shorten the menu and make it cleaner.

I have to say, myself, I don’t know many users to switch the tools this way. Most of the users I know, are using the Key Commands. If someone is using the right-click, they have the Toolbox on right-click enabled.

I actually prefer to see the menu instead of the toolbox on right click.

However, it certainly isn’t a “DEAL BREAKER”, as mentioned by the OP, to hover over tools. Of course, I don’t select tools that way… I use kb shortcuts to select tools.

I like seeing the other menu items on right click though.

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I like to keep one hand free Martin, I often have a guitar on me knee at the same time.
The Spectral Layers tool is very good for tweaking a vocal I must say.
Anyway, thanks for the help, Happy New Year

Yeah, maybe deal breaker was a bit dramatic:) I actually like the cleaner lines and things do seem to happen a bit quicker.

Hi Martin et al,
Thanks for the preferences tip. Using it here. Is there a way, using the tools, to scroll/ select, say different arrows, or different lines (parabola, square, etc), without having to go back to the toolbar display at the top menus?

Martin, I’ve noticed after using the Spectral Layer on one part, exiting the SL and then crossfading with a second part, the second part shoots up in volume.
Any ideas on that please?


I’m using the Key Commands to select the tool. If you press the Key Command repeatedly, you rotate over the sub-tools.