Right Click

Hi Everyone,

Been a long time.

Trying to change my right click mouse button in C7.
I’m over looking the obvious somewhere.

Can anyone assist me?


Preferences>editing>tools: pop up Toolbox on right-click

Is that what you mean?

yes, thanks very much. I wanted to be able to right click and copy/paste, etc…

Just had to un-tick “pop-up toolbox on right click”

Thanks again for your assistance.


Hey John…long time is right…always appreciated the help years ago and wanted to say hello


Good question and a great answer… Thanks from me too :smiley:

I un-ticked the “pop-up toolbox on right click” and I still don’t see where I can copy/paste, etc. I was hoping to see a menu with options similar to what is seen when you click on the “edit” button. I am I missing something here?

Please disregard my last post. I must have had a brain-fart. Copy/paste, etc. functions are available when you right-click and choose “edit”. Sorry about that and thanks again.

No worries! I have also experienced extreme cranial flatulence myself. :wink: