Right clicking inside a plugin?

I’m using Vienna Instruments and to remove instruments from slots (as well as other features) I need to be able to right click on the Vienna Instruments interface. However, whenever I right click I get Cubase’s right click menus. Is there a way to toggle this behavior, as I like the right click menus at all other times except for when I’m trying to right click inside a plugin.

I tried a quick google to see if anything came up on this and all I found was the same question from you posted 18 months ago that didn’t get one response!

I have tried right click over several plugs and don’t get the menu come up…but don’t have any plug I can think of with right click options to see if they work…
Does it do the same for you in other plugs or only this one?
And if you set so toolbox comes up on right click does it still pull that up in place of the plugin options?

Hi you,

I have tried with Battery and some other Plugins.

all of them Show the correct right-klick menus so far, i.e. on the border of the window are the plug-in related CUBASE-Options (“allways on top”, etc.) and within the window itself the context determines which of the “local” menus I get.

HTH, Ernst