Right / Left selection side to Cursor.. how ?


I assigned keycommands to the functions “Right selection side to Cursor” and “Left selection side to Cursor”
But they don’t work.
Maybe i understand these functions wrong.
Let’s say i have a midi event, 4 bars long, in Project Window.
I place Cursor at the second bar of this event.
Now i want the left side of this event to be trimmed to Cursor position.
So i do the function “Left selection side to Cursor”, with the assigned keycommand.
But then, nothing happens.
I would assume the left side of the midi event would be trimmed (moved)to the Cursor position.

Any hints ?


search “Selection Side” in the English manual. This regards the Range tool, and how you make the selection.


Thanx for your response !
Indeed, seems that i have mis understood these 2 funcions.