Right to left scripts - justification bugs

when dealing with Hebrew & ‘arabic (right to left scripts), I’ve noticed that Dorico’s justification works backwards.
well, it shouldn’t :slight_smile:.

in addition, the print preview displays the punctuations backwards:

fortunately, the exported file is fine.

I can’t see what you mean about justification - can you explain more fully, please?

As to punctuation, are those punctuation marks actually in the right place? In your second image you’ve mentioned that they’re backwards, but they also appear to be at the wrong end of the lines of text.

In the transliteration you have a full stop (period) after “beshem”, but in the Hebrew you have
. v’hi tikrah oto beshem
, nistar haleil ben chabadim

(Excuse poor transliteration for the sake of non-readers of Hebrew.)

It may be that I’m puzzling over something that you’ve done intentionally though - I’m very much a layman when it comes to Hebrew punctuation.

  1. justification - the composer and poet should be flushed to both sides, as in normal layout, but the composer is flushed to the left and the poet to the right.

2.punctuations - they are on the wrong side of the line, that’s what I meant.

Gotcha. It might be worth showing screenshots of what the text frames actually look like (including their justification settings.)

My guess is that the development team don’t necessarily include Hebrew speakers, so showing them/us what SHOULD be displayed as well as what IS displayed may be necessary - they’re unlikely to figure it out for themselves.

it show’s well in write mode & in the printed file, it’s just the print preview which is wrong.
you are right sir, here is the proper -

That looks more like what I’m used to.

With the text frames for composer and lyricist, what happens if you set them to align the opposite to what they’re currently set to?

the opposite works fine, that’s what I meant by backwards.