RIP Paul Revere

Another legend from my younger days …
Had no idea he/they were still doing shows.

Had no idea Leon Russell was in their band in the early 60’s, or that the Monkee’s “I’m not your steppin’ stone” was actually a cover of Paul Revere and the Raiders.

I do know that B3 solo ending to “Cherokee Nation” is burned into my DNA, and every time I do something vaguely “organish” with a VST, I realize it’s some variation or another of that lick. Absolutely essential! Finally found it on youtube a while ago, burned the fingering into my retina!

RIP Mr. Revere (his real name as it turns out), and thanks for the tunes …

You guys helped changed things and that IMHO is rock.

I didn’t know about Leon Russell or “I’m not your steppin’ stone” either. :astonished:
Your comment regarding the B3 riff is probably similar to the ingrained riff in my mind regarding the solo riff from Iron Butterfly’s Inagaddadavida.

They were catchy …

Check out this corny dancing though :slight_smile:

The first song I ever sang (we started out instrumental) in my Junior High School band was “Just Like Me”, (not to mention “Kicks”). They also did a great version of “Fever”. RIP

I was sad to hear of his passing :cry:

I remember my band opening for him in the old Edmonton Gardens in Alberta in 1965, that’s when I had teeth & hair ! Oh to be 19 again :laughing:

Time marches on and we all get old eventually ( if we’re lucky ) :frowning:

Their pants were too tight…:wink:.

Soooooooo true!

Life is like a one-nighter gig; good bad or indifferent
before you know it, it’s over.