Ripple Delete?

Is there some way to perform a ripple delete in an Audio Montage, whereby deleting a range or a clip will automatically pull all subsequent clips up to the right edge of what was deleted?

I know that I can use the Auto-Shift Clips mode when dragging clips with the mouse, or inserting clips and regions. However, this does not seem to apply to deleting.

What am I overlooking?

I don’t know if it’s possible but I think you’re looking for something like “Shuffle” edit mode in Pro Tools, where deleting something automatically snaps things together when deleting something in the middle.

It’s a nice feature. Next time I am in Wavelab I will look for something.

Exactly. There are different names for it, depending on what application implements it. This is very common also in video editing applications. Would be nice to have that feature in WaveLab as well.

Did you try this:

This is a great feature that I didn’t know existed.

Is there a way to delete an entire clip and have the audio to the right of the deleted clip snap forward to fill the new empty space in a montage?

The feature you show is good for removing just part of a clip, but a solution for removing an entire clip would be good. too.

Yes, simply select the whole clip (double or triple click in the upper part), then press the delete Key.

I just learned something new … thanks PG.



  1. This is not limited to a single clip: the time range is the “key”. Actually you can even select “empty space” and press delete.
  2. In all cases, the “auto shift” option must be ON.

That’s the key…

I put those auto-shift mode gadgets on my lower Montage window frame, right below the edit controls. This lets me toggle them on/off as-needed. It’s a much slicker way to ripple edit than most other apps - you can ripple just the track, all tracks, and as PG noted, even space etc. When adjusting gaps in a finished record it’s very handy to simply turn this on and edit away - everything to the right of your edit slides into relative position.