Ripple edit!! for the love of god

Please please please, could you introduce ripple editing. Reaper does it, as do most other professional daws in both recording/mixing and mastering. i know you can copy and paste but ripple editing just makes sure you don’t miss anything. This would include all midi and envelope data etc. to slide in the edit

I think that with the range editing there is something like that… Edit -> Range -> Cut Time
Or you can switch the Snap target… grid, events, cursor, permute… a lot of possibilities here :wink:

Completely agree with the OP – there’s another thread on this:

What you mentioned is great, but it’s very different from Ripple Editing. Ripple Editing is a very specific and highly useful feature that is missing from Cubase and would indeed be a gigantic win if it were implemented. I don’t think Nuendo has it either, as far as I know.

It’s actually totally doable in Cubase, at least starting in version 10:

  • Use CTRL+ Shift (CMD+Shift on Mac) plus the range tool and select the section to delete. The key commands select every track when using the Range tool.
  • Use CTRL+ Shift (CMD+Shift on Mac) plus “x” to cut the section. Everything moves over!
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As a Vegas user which does have ripple editing: it’s a great idea. Until you forget to switch it off, keep working and realise you have screwed up your project. So a ripple edit button would have to be made painfully obvious, bigger and with an angry red colour to show it is activated.
Also, like Vegas, it should have options to affect selected tracks only, or all tracks.