Ripple edit possible?

I’m only a couple of days old into this program so I’m still trying to learn my way around it.

I made a mistake entering my song and need to ripple-edit things. Is this possible or do I need to rework almost everything?

what you mean by that, are you talking about tracks or setlist?
For tracks, you rubberband select events to be moved, for setlist you may insert or remove items.

I entered my chords and have set some parts with triggers. However I now realized that I made the intro half the length of what it should have been.

I have currently found no way of inserting the extra bars and have everything follow this, aka. ripple edit. I was also unable to cut/paste chords as an attempt to move my chords. As I see it right now I need to more or less recreate everything from scratch unless there is a way that I have missed.

I can see this also occurring if you want to modify a song because of artistic changes after a song with parts and triggers is already made.

You are correct, there is no such function yet. We will add global delete and global insert soon.

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