Ripple editing inconsistency

I have eight tracks in my montage, and these contain the four tracks of each of two different takes. I want to line up take 2 with take one, so I select Ripple Editing - Track mode, select the first clips of the 2nd take (on four tracks) and move them - the later clips on all four tracks then move as expected. I now want to shorten the take, so I select the last four clips and Alt-move the last clip boundary - in this case all four clips change as required, but the ripple only works on the track my cursor is in, not on the four tracks with selected clips whose length is changing.

Obviously for now I can change the ripple mode more frequently, but it would be nice if it worked as I expected.

(WaveLab Pro 9.0.35, Windows 10)


Did you try with Auto Grouping as well !?

regards S-EH