Ripple Edits

Is there a way to make a cut within a region and have everything butt together automatically?

Delete time

details on page 79 of the manual

Also check out shuffle mode.

Using shuffle mode to snap multiple events

If you find yourself in the situation of having to edit multiple tracks together then here is a quick tip to snap all edited events next to each other ready for cross fading.

(1) Create all your cuts
(2) Select the second event on the track, and all subsequent events
(3) Ensure that you are in Shuffle mode and Snap is on
(4) Drag the leftmost selected event (second event) up next to the first event - at this point a small green marker will appear
(5) Let go of the mouse button and all events will snap nicely next to each other

Thanks guys, I’ll try it out.

Shuffle mode works well.

Yep, I’m digging shuffle mode. BTW, cut time is page 83 of the Nuendo 5 manual if any body is looking for it.