Risk of play/stop freeze with Audient EVO8


I know it’s hard to narrow the problem. When using my EVO8 with it’s ASIO, I have the common windows white screen… sometimes it’s working for hours, sometimes dies quick.

When using EVO8 through Generic Low Latency driver, no issues.
They released a new driver yesterday for EVOs (fixing some awaited issues, so, I didn’t wanted to post this topic until new driver is released and installed).

As soon as Audio setup switched to Audient’s ASIO, risk for freeze is back. Unfortunately I can only use Multi I/O’s only via ASIO.

What else can I say? Problem 100% occurs when hit stop (or SPACE bar). Not other thing can trigger this freeze. Not counts that I create new project for testing, or loading previous ones. Surprisingly it looks, there is less risk if I set sample rate to 96k (despite my tracks are 48kHz), but can’t say it a fact just a feel. Compared to other programs: Cubase and Reaper never had issue with this EVO8, therefore it’s driver can’t be blamed alone, but something is hiding or crossing each other for sure.

As before, my setup never ever generating crash dumps, although at this type of freeze I have the normal white-faded screen only, that takes forever until I close VSTLive from task manager.

Wrote you a PM.

Hi @fkalmus,

we’ve ordered an EVO8 device. Please stay tuned. We’ll find the problem …

See you,

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dear @Spork , @musicullum ,

did u find the reason? now with multi out again, so using evo8… exactly trying to use :frowning:
after 3rd freeze at stop, switched to generic drw with stereo out (but no separated click now)

Freeze at hitting STOP 3/3.
Switching to “old” project file in Reaper DAW, no issue at all.
Tomorrow I will do my best to narrow it.

today, same setup, same rehearsal room.
No issues at all ?!

System update maybe?
We haven’t got the device yet.

Really no idea, but I’m still on it! I had lots of different updates in the last …… almost a year

Hi @Spork @musicullum ,

I meight found something: This only comes when using generic drv (when doing some adjustment w.o EVO8) then later (minutes-deays) connecting EVO8 again. Despite my UAD, EVO8 loves to threw sample rate and buffer settings, loves to jump to 96k… not all the time from the new (2months old) driver.

It seems,

  1. VSTLive hasn’t got the power to “force” EVO8 use project saved sample-rate and buffer-size

Compared to Cubase: if there is a project setting for 48k, and AudioDevice’s is different, it’s trying to force it or drops me a warning what to do. The same does Reaper. With other words, the EVO8 panel can freely change VSTLive’s project values while can’t do the same in Reaper/Cubase. I don’t know if that makes sense to you?

  1. when setting back in dropdown “Audio Setup” from Generic to Audient ASIO, additionally touching sample rate (to 48k), closing… can increase chance of freezing. When opening VSTLive, set AudioSetup to Audient, sample-rate, also double check they are the same in EVO8’s own panel.
    Saving (without playing). Reopening, checking all settings remained. Then it seems to be issue-less.

Yes, it seems, the freeze at stop is when change from generic-low-latency-onboard audio to Audient’s ASIO.

It seems, if opening VSTLive, change Audio Device, set all params (samplerate/buffer), save, close, reopen → works fine.

But as I attached video above, Audient can modify VATLive’s project audio settings as far as sometimes sample rate field (Edit/prefs) can become empty

Thanks a lot.
If the device refuses to accept the proposed sample rate, things get tricky. It could be that it reports a rate that is not known to the host; that would violate the ASIO protocol, as devices have to report which rates they support in the first place. We will check what happens when a „forbidden“ sample rate is set by the device.
Furthermore it looks as though the problems can be forced in Cubase as well, if you switch between those ASIO drivers rapidly, it‘s just much more difficult to get there because you have to close and re-open the dialog to do that. We will apply a delay after switching drivers and/or sample rates.

Good morning @musicullum ,

thank u for your reply. I will do further tests. The great news is, none of the accepted sample rates are un-common to booth systems (44.1, 48, 88, 96k). When changing them, vice-versa, they booth doing the changes, no sign of any “non supported value”. Anyways, it’s really hard to catche.

As trying in cubase and reaper the same “game”, they keep “their” project settings untouched (Cubase drops a yellow “!” if soundcard haswn’t apply the same. Reaper has a tick “request samplerate/blocksize” and in my experience with “rebellish” EVO8… it can’t override Reaper at all, in no circumstances then :sweat_smile: Additionally nor Cubase/Reaper freeze even in case of Cubase’s yellow “!” in project samplerate value.

Please tell me what to try out / screen rec to give more detailed nfo.
Thank u for your support.

Maybe also lock Edit/Prefs/Sample-rate values, as in Cubase?

I only wonder, at bad scenario why the freeze isn’t happening right at START moment instead of hitting STOP after succesful play?

HI @fkalmus,

we were able to reproduce the Freeze and improved the communication to your Device. Next Update. Please test it with the next update and let us know if the freezes are gone.

Thank you,

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Can’t tell how great news is that for me :sun_with_face::clap::hugs:

Sorry for the question, should it work now ok? Because it can still happen :cry:
Today it happened after a

  • VSTLive at “Generic ASIO” with onboard Realtek
  • connected EVO8
  • Generic driver re-initialised itself (I guess for including EVO8 to array)
  • set /Devices/AudioSetup to ==>> Audient ASIO
  • VSTLive (v1.3.2) cound’t hold EVO8 to change up sample-rate from 48 to 96k
  • set back 48k in /Devices/Audio Setup
  • hit PLAY (play started)
  • hite STOP (freeze, “white death”).
    If can I do something to help your work, plz don’t hesitate to tell me.