rit. ...... in italic

Is it somehow possible to get the desired result as in the example?
rit… and a tempo in italic and not bold.
Thanks in advance.

Dear Oliver,
In Engrave mode > Engrave menu > Font styles, you can change the appearance of gradual tempo markings. (rit., accel. and so forth…) so that it’s not bold and is italic.
I don’t think “a tempo” is a gradual tempo change, so you might need to hide the tempo marking, and use system text instead. Not straightforward, and for what it’s worth, this has already been requested a while ago. An Engraving option for “old italic way” would be fantastic. But this kind of marking is a legacy from the past, the “new way” is probably more consistent.

Great! Thank you, Marc.
So easy that I didn’t see the forest for the trees :wink:

You are right, but it belongs to the family of “gradual tempo changes”. It serves to cancel the tempo change. A better name might be “tempo alterations”.

In my experience, these markings are still in use. It may be a regional thing or a habit perpetuated for certain genres (educational music, for one). The way they are used in the above example is clear.

FWIW, I think I was among the people who asked for that option, as I find it quite elegant, especially when the music has a lot of rubato. It feels less cluttered and the big tempo changes stand out.