Rit on multiple staves

Hi guys, I was just wondering if the clever guys at Dorico made it possible to add rit. , rall. etc to more than one stave. I KNOW there are workarounds, but I just want to know if Dorico’s programmer has included this option by now. Goodness, having rit on only the top stave is difficult for a pianist to see who accompanies a singer.


Dearest Hans,

Layout Options > Staves and Systems > System Objects:

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Make sure, too, that you are adding your rit. markings either using the Tempo panel on the right-hand side in Write mode, or using the Shift+T popover: if you’re adding them as e.g. text via Shift+X then that would certainly explain the difficulties you’re having.

I am very interested by this topic, since I would like (for a choir piece) to add certain tempo indications to all the staves, for instance “rit. and accel.” but NOT the tempo general indications (like Allegro and so on), which I would like to remain only on the top of the first staff.

Does it make sense from the music point of view?

And, is there an easy way to ask Dorico for that (other than faking general indications like Allegro with general text input…)

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

No, do it the other way around. Use tempo text for Allegro and the rit. on the top staff and use replicated regular text to repeat the rit. for each vocal part.

Thanks Daniel and you guys, appreciate it!!!

This is excellent. I have been searching EVERYWHERE for ze answer. Some users even suggested using Ctrl+X to create text and copy it.
LSalgueiro…you are a genius!
Thanks, Daniel…I appreciate your kind character since the early Sibelius’ days!

Regards to all my friends at Steinberg and the Dorico team!
Happy New your get insurance on your programmer’s computer keyboards and fingers! There is more than enough brain power! :wink:

Alla saltando!

“No, do it the other way around. Use tempo text for Allegro and the rit. on the top staff and use replicated regular text to repeat the rit. for each vocal part.”
This is a good workaround, but I really hope Dorico will sooner or later allow these things on an ad hoc basis. Nearly all of my gripes with Dorico (which I love…) come down to things that are set system-wide but that should be on a case by case basis.

Thank you for your kind response steveparker, but I do not understand why the “Layout Options” as explained by LSalgueiro and Daniel will not work for you as well? :confused:

If you take a look at the attached pic, you’ll notice you can put these Tempo texts on any stave you desire! Dorico already have this function! :wink:

Oh, I see now your point…one can put these text on a FAMILY GROUP like “SINGERS”, but NOT on EACH INDIVIDUAL SINGER! :astonished:
Yes, I agree…perhaps those clever boys should make EVERY STAVE one select available for these texts! (Sorry…too much Vodka!) :blush:

Keep well, my friend…and leave the Vodka to me! :smiley: (just kidding!)

It’s also that I need different options for different bars.
I’m so used to just duplicating and creating a new macro for each (different) instance.

Thanks to Daniel for the workaround, and Steve for the advice.

I hope Dorico will indeed be more flexible in the future.

In the meantime how would you advice me to"fake" the dotted lines for indications like “rit…”
I could certainly use the normal dots like I’ve just did in my previous sentence (decent if you don’t look to closely), but is there an other more elegant way?

Thanks in advance!

cacophonix - I’m not sure what you mean. Dorico shows dots or dashes, or even a solid line depending on how you would like. Are you inputting using one of Dorico’s Gradual Tempo Change items? There is no faking necessary.

Faked if input on shift-X.

Ah… got it.

I wonder if this has been fixed yet? (I haven’t yet updated to Dorico 2).

I’m writing a two-piano piece and need the tempo markings to also appear for Piano II, since both players will be reading from the score.

No, there’s not yet an option for custom staff lists for items to display.

Taking this on a step further, I’d like to be able to place rit., rall, a tempo. etc. between the two staves of a grand staff.

Currently I’m creating the instruction above the upper stave (or above the vocal stave in the case of a piano / vocal score), hiding it by reducing opacity to zero and then creating and putting placing text between the piano staves. This is something I do a lot - it’d be great to have the ability to edit and place the original instruction.

I wish that too.

Ahh … one the dead giveaways that somebody created their score in Finale :wink:

(Yes I know there are lots of old editions hand engraved that way as well, but “old” doesn’t always mean “better”).


Not on this occasion, Rob. I do actually have an old copy of Finale (2012) but came to Notation via Notion, Sibelius and then Dorico.

Most of what I do focuses on songwriting from the 20’s to the mid 60’s - I’m fascinated by the songwriters from that period and renotating it is, for me, as good a way to study it as any. It’s all background stuff for something else I’m working on, but that’s another story…

So, as you might imagine, I have a ton of books from that period. It’s mostly Vocal / Piano. I do sometimes find instances that go against what I’m asking for here but, honestly, they’re rare. If I started looking through the books now, it might take me half an hour to find just one…

As an aside, I also have a good collection of Broadway Vocal Scores from the same period and am currently putting together a paper on the additional notation involved in Vocal Scores. It’s not easy - they’re a law unto themselves, or more honestly, they’re completely lawless. The wild frontier of Notation!