rit., rall. and accel. between Piano staves

I’ve been doing a lot of piano works lately and I’m wondering if there is any way to automatically get ritardando, rallentando and accelerando to display between the piano staves and not above?
It seems okay for solo piano but if there’s one or more singers/instruments that are accompanied it’s very easy to miss those especially if there are also chord symbols and lyrics. For now I’m moving them in Engrave Mode. But it feels very undoricoly.

You need to not use the tempo popover then. You can set them up as custom playing techniques (which I prefer), or staff text, or suffixes with dynamics (and then hide the dynamic).

Dear mikiworld,
I feel your pain, as I have been working on a lot of opera vocal scores and lieder, mélodies…
Fact is that notation is not supported in Dorico because it’s not considered as good habits (well, maybe I am excessive here) by Elaine Gould and the people who decide the standards.
I have come to the conclusion that they probably have a point, but then, when you want to reproduce some XIXth century notation, it becomes difficult, because the semantically-aware tools provided by Dorico do not comply with this “old” notation.
That’s why it feels undoricoish.

Thanks @dankreider. That’s a better work around than mine.

@MarcLarcher: I don’t get how such a common practice can be considered a bad habit. I’ve been playing the piano for 25 years in many different musical styles and I would never expect tempo changes above the vocal staff… I’m really confused by this.

There’s been plenty of discussion on this subject previously, and I seem to remember Daniel stating that the development team were exploring the possibility of giving options for tempi to be shown in italics, between or above individual staves. Nothing along those lines has been implemented yet, though.

Yes, we have no great philosophical objection to this convention – we just haven’t had a chance to implement it yet.

Dear Daniel,
Glad to read that (although I think I read what Leo refers to, and forgot about it…)
Keep safe !