Rit starting at differential offsets

Is there any way to achieve this in Dorico:


I know it is a bit strange, but I am trying to capture the look and feel of this popular Edwardian sing daisy Bell, as close to the 1892 score as possible. [Why? Just nostalgia of sorts I suppose.]

[Apart from Edwardian music, this would actually help me with some of my new Complexity stuff.]

One way to achieve this would be:

  1. add tempo indiction (Shift-T) rit. (which will show above the vocal line)
  2. add staff text “rit.” above the piano’s upper staff, applying the tempo (multiline) paragraph style
  3. move the “actual” rit. mark above the vocal staff in engrave mode

[As for “why?”…I always assume we composers, arrangers, and engravers know our reasons, and the software’s there to, when it can, help us achieve the results we want.]

@Andro. It is not only strange, but as you well know, it is meaningless.

That said, just set the system objects to appear on both players and drag one in engrave.


Why not add both at the start of the measure and move the upper rit in Engrave mode?

(What were those Edwardians smoking? :grimacing:)

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Assuming playback doesn’t matter, I would just do them both with staff text. Probably turn off collision avoidance.

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