rit...... without affecting playback tempo?

Is there a possibility to add ritardando into the score without changing the playback speed?

I often work on top of an audio file to arrange additional instruments or transcribe from recordings. I imported a tempo list via Midi that follows the tempo of the audio track so I’m in sync with audio and score. The track I’m working on has a ritardando already set in the tempo track and Dorico is following. When I add a “rit…” into the score Dorico’s playback tempo is additionally slowed down and the score gets out of sync.

Dear Saxer,
select the gradual tempo change, and look at the properties panel (the bottom panel) : you’ll notice a field with a %age value. Put 100 % and the tempo won’t change at all.

The properties! I always forget to check the properties first! Thanks Marc!

Edit: Ok, I tried this but insertig a “rit” destroys the tempo track immediately, independent of the %. I also tried to insert the “rit…” first and import the tempo track from the midi file again but importing the tempo track deletes the “rit…” again.

Probably have to finish the arrangement first and insert the “rit…” as the last step before printing and after exporting audio. Or I’ll try to use system text.

I believe you might be able to mute tempo markings. Select it and engage the Mute property (in the first panel).

I tried the Mute property, and it doesn’t work for tempo marks.

How about entering the “phantom ritardando” as System Text?

That’s what I did. It’s probably the easiest way.

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