Ritardando and manually setting measures

Is there a way for me to program a ritardando into the Tempo Track Editor? If not, how do I go about doing that?

Also, is there a way for me to manually set the beginning of a measure at a specific point when working on a video project? The video I’m working with cuts to different shots between the beats of a measure and I’d like to set the measure to begin at those cuts. I’ve tried changing the time signature and it’s gotten close, but it’s still off.

EDIT. How do I program triplets in the Tempo Track Editor?


Yes, just draw the line in the Tempo Track or Tempo Editor, please.

Add Signature Track and set the Time Signatures.

I’m not sure, I got this… Of course, you can set the Grid to the Triplets.

Also, if you play a piano track in real time with the ritardando feel that you really like, you can use Time Warp in the audio editor to create a tempo track that will exactly follow your feel.

Import the audio track the contains the rit. Open the audio editor. Use the Time Warp Icon, click on the downbeat of the audio track as little or as much as needed to copy the feel of your audio track.


In this case, or in case of MIDI record, you can also use the Tempo Detection feature.