Ritardando is shown strangely

Hello I put in a ritardando in partiturlayout in a sopran. for a lengthy of 5 bars. When I switch to single layouts it is everywhere shown just in the first bar .
When I lengthen it in the piano for 5 bars , its is shown in th partitur layout as to be seen in the picture . What is the mistake? Thanx for help.

PS and after adding some dynamics it looks like this:

how can I avoid that?

I don’t know if this will help, but it is worth trying.
In the Properties panel (the one at the bottom), set the option in the top right corner to Globally. When set this way, most changes you make in the score also happen in the parts.
In Engrave mode, you can move the end point of the marking by dragging it with the mouse.


PS This is not a judgement of the music, but I was looking at the right hand of the piano part and noticed that the intervals in bar 49 are very wide for a hand of average size - see the picture below. My hand would not stretch that far! I can manage the interval of a 9th, and can just stretch to a minor 10th on black notes (eg E♭ to G♭, B♭ to D♭).

Large hand?

Thank you, but it didn’t help. It is set to global already.
And I moved manually… With the shown result

The left<>right hand issue in bar 49was a result of an xml import

Can you describe the appearance you want to achieve?
Do you want to move the ritardando mark up or down?
Do you want to remove the dotted line line after the marking?
Do you want to shorten it?

If you select the marking and open up the Properties panel, you can edit it. Engrave mode gives you more things to edit than in Write mode.

Thanx again
when I first put in the ritardando in the Partitur Layout to the soprano the dottet line it’s just one bar long.

So I did lengthened it manually for five Bars in engrave Mode in the piano staff.

I want to have it five Bars long in every single Layout and in the partitur Layout.

And I tried to edit it on and write Mode but there is no collision button…

Select the rit and go Edit > Reset Position and Edit > Reset Appearance.

Then lengthen it in Write mode.