Ritardando then back to original tempo?

I am just wondering if there is an option to bring back playback speed to the original tempo after Rit… without a tempo mark.
just looked at property pannel but could not find it.
Thank you

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Hi @lightworkin you can put a tempo after the rit. and then in properties panel you can cancel the Text.

Yeap but can we do that without a tempo ?

Yes you can edit any tempo in Key Editor: choose the pencil, and in tempo track you can set a point with the desired tempo.
Here where to do it:

Add the “a tempo” (because musically it’s the correct thing to do) and then hide it (because you don’t want to see it).


This was my first suggestion :slight_smile: (but for some reason lightworking didn’t want a sign.

Since there is no hide for a tempo marking, what would the best suggested way to “hide” it? :

-cancel the text content in properties?
-put the alpha to 0?
-make the text white?
-custom scale to 1point (the tiny point remains visible…)?

What are the disadvantages to use either of the methods? Thanks.

Yes. Just delete the Text content.

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…which will leave a handy blue signpost, should you need to edit it in future.


I’d like to be able to hide both the ritardando and the a tempo when I make these small corrections, especially if I intend that duplicate them frequently… Handling the rit. percent in the Properties panel is a lot easier than drawing a series of these in the tempo lane of the Key Editor.

As other Doricians have already answered, I sum up the solution: in the properties panel, delete the text (delete rit., and delete a tempo text content). You’re left with blue signposts that you can copy and modify anywhere else on your score.

Thank you, Marc. Your solution is much better than my “reduce size to 1%.” Not only is it easier to manage; it leaves behind the Signposts as a reminder.

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