RME ASIO driver not updating in Cubase 11.0.40 (UNSOLVED )

Im having an issue with C11 and my RME asio drivers not updating the settings and to change the buffer setting from 48 to 1024 from recording to tracking i have to keep closing Cubase and reopening for the new settings to be recognised .
Has anyone got any ideas what the issue could be ?

I also have an issue with RME driver, but it’s not the same one : in my case, it’s almost impossible to set it to 128 samples latency for recording. Doing so leads to an immediate comateous state of Cubase with an audio processing load of 0 and no more audio signal of any kind coming from it.

I don’t know if it’s also the case on your end, but I also often have to quit Cubase and relaunch it (with sometimes several attempts, after resettting the driver to 256 samples to get Cubase alive again). A screenshot of the issue here

Hi Cubic

Not exactly the same issue but i have noticed if i try to force Cubase to see the buffer change quicker via closing the project and reopening via the hub without completely closing Cubase then there is not reading on the ASIO meter what so ever and no sound and yes the project is active . It’s pain in the arse , i had an RME adi8 pro and the way i was able to get around this was by adjusting the sample rate on the front panel of the ADI and adjust it back to the correct sample rate BUT if i adjust the sample rate of the project in the project setup it forces the ASIO driver to be recognised in Cubase . So the work around for me which is still a pain is to switch sample rates back and forth and it then works .

Ive noticed we are both using Adat , your not using a Ada8200 by any chance ?

haven’t thought of the sample rate workaround, I admit. Maybe something to test on my end, but I would prefer a less stressing process… I am beginning to suspect that the USB connection could be the culprit : all my USB devices are connected to the USB 3.1 motherboard (an Asus Prime X-470 Pro) connectors. There are USB2.0 ones available, but they require the use of an USB module that I don’t have.

And yes, I am using an ADA-8200, as master (my Fireface UCX being slaved to it). I have all my three external instruments connected to it, as well as my DI guitar amp output…

Ok just to let you know , the issue isn’t Steinberg or RME , it’s good old Behringer ADA8200 not allowing the ASIO buffer to update , as soon as I’ve turned off the Adat connections the RME and Cubase play nicely together and the buffers change as they should

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You really need to slave the Ada8200’s . RME should be the master really

A precious information ! :slightly_smiling_face:
I admit that I haven’t thought of it, as it was behaving perfectly, unilt now, as long as I was letting the whole setup at the same latency (usually, 256 samples). Now, could it also be responsible of the comateous Cubase state at a 128 samples one ? Something I’ll check, but getting rid of it is not a viable solution for me, as I absolutely need the unit.

Yep… I think it’s the next step : getting an added TosLink cable to do so, before any more radical change in my setup. Thanks again…

Yo never know . Ive only had the Ada for a month , my Adi 8pro decided to be non repairable so the ADA was just a stop gap , now i know it’s caused this issue it’s going .
All i can say on your issue is set the ada to "Adat in " and see if the 128 will play nicely but it’s obvious that the ADA doesn’t like the buffer size change for some reason

Ok , this isn’t solved .
If i open the project with just the RME and no adat connected Cubase still isn’t seeing the Buffer changes BUT if i adjust the project sample rate from 48 to 44.1 then back to 48 again then the buffer changes get recognised by Cubase as they should , so the work around here is to adjust the project sample rate back and forth at the start of a session …Strange

As @FilterFreq already mentioned, the RME should be the master… since a change in buffer settings require a reset of the clocks of all connected devices, but the RME is not allowed to do this as clock slave…

indeed… a change in buffer settings should reset all the buffers
this is not happening on your machine… maybe you could ask at RME forum…

All was fine with C10.5 . no new drivers released ,just Cubase updated