Rme fireface 400

I will like to update my cubase 9 to 11
I have old rme fireface 400 did he work on cubase 11?


Yes, Fireface 400 works with Cubase 11. You can download Cubase 11 Trial before you buy, to test it.

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Just make sure that you update the 400 with the latest drivers. I have a USB Fireface UC and am amazed at the way RME are on top of updates and keeping legacy gear current. Fantastic gear. The only downside is that I still can’t understand Total Mix.

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Fireface 400 is still working great here.

Yeah it is pretty counter-intuitive to use. One key thing that I didn’t ‘get’ for years is that when you select any Hardware Output the whole mixer changes to reflect what is going to that Output. And if you select a different Hardware Output the mixer will change again specific to that Output. So you never really see the whole entire mixer and instead only see the portions of the mixer relevant to a single Output at a time.


Just askin,
@raino which FF400 driver are you on ?
The last update has left me having to hold the front volume knob held in when switching the Hatdware on.
It’s as tho’ the unit is fixed to boot into Apple mode?

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I’m on which apparently is the latest. That’s atypical of me. I tend to lean in the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” direction, which often results in dated drivers. But I got a new PC a few months ago so I’m surprisingly current. My FF400 is configued to automatically turn on when the computer boots.

Would the question not rather be: does the Firewire interface still work under Windows 11 ?
I am just as curious because I still use a YamahaN12 FW interface which still works great in W10

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Good question. When I ran the app to see if my PC was up to snuff for Windows 11 it said it was. I assume it would have detected the Firewire & checked it out - but who knows. I tend to be pretty conservative about upgrading to new versions of Windows.

I assume it will work. I found a website of Yamaha’s were it says my N12 FW driver works under W10+11, althoough it’s an old driver, last update for it was in the beginning of W10, long time ago. But it still works great under my latest W10+C11. I bought a new PC lately and I had to install the W10 LEGACY FW driver. With my own one I had Audio-dropout. But after installing that legavy driver, it runs troublefree. I expect the same in W11, but as you said, I also wait a while because everything still runs great, So no need to update.

Yes I have been looking at Windows 11. I bought my computer a year ago and have decided that I couldn’t face doing a reinstall and couldn’t risk an overinstall. So staying where I am for the foreseeable future.

I always weekly make a systemcopy-backup via the Windowsbackup(it’s still called windows 7) function, works perfectly.
So I always have a full C-drive backup before I install a major backup from Windows or Cubase. Doing this for over 10 years and also reinstalled the PC with this backup about a 100 times, never fails and takes about 20 minutes!
My advice : Always make systembackups.
SO I could easily test W11 on my PC and if it is not working for me reinstall my backup with W10, easy…

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I do backups too using Acronis. However, I don’t enjoy the uncertainty and question whether it will improve my recording experience. Everything is working fairly well for me at the moment, so I will wait and see.