RME HDSP 9652 sync issue

Per the subject line I have an RME card that I love. I will call support in the morning but wanted to toss this out to see if anyone ever saw this and even better if they have a fix.

ISSUE: I open up the Hammerfall DSP Settings and in my ‘SyncCheck’ I have ADAT1 In ‘Sync’… So far so good, but the problem is that ‘Sync’ is blinking once every second. So far I have noticed no ills from this in my recordings and Cubase. But I know that Sync should be solid on with no fluctuation. Since the blinking ‘Sync’ was about once a second, by chance I opened up the Windows clock, then clicked “Change date and time settings”. While doing this I left the Hammerfall settings window open. Guess what? The ‘Sync’ for ADAT1 in is now solid and steady as a rock. I close out the clock settings window and the blinking ‘Sync’ starts again… sort of like clockwork!

Any ideas on this one?


Spoke with Jeff at Syntax and he suggested cleaning the contacts on the PCI card and blowing out the port. Did both and issue remains. I switched both ADAT links over to ADAT 3&4 and they are steady as a rock. So problem solved for now but it looks like my ADAT 1 port is ill. The one thing that did change from last night is the fact the that opening the clock no longer settles down blinking ADAT 1 in port.

The only other thing I see is that the card is sharing IRQ 16 with a USB port. Nothing shows up in device mangler as a conflict - but some of my USB ports are kind of flakey and drop out now and then. Thus I am thinking of trying to get the RME card to go to another IRQ.