RME HDSP PCI card in PCIe slot (newer motherboards)

Fo all you RME HDSP users, I got my trusty old HDSP PCI card (rev. 1.7 connected to a Digiface) to work perfectly with a StarTech PCI Express to PCI Adapter Card!

I’m running a Asus X99-a USB 3.1 motherboard with an Intel 5930k and 32 gig of Corsair DDR4 ram.
Lots more years left in this setup…

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Thanks beatpete for informing about this. I also use a RME HDSP 9652 legacy pci card, which works fine in my old current motherboard. But since the old PCI bus is bridge to the PCIe bus on newer mobos, such a little PCI -> PCIe adapter could come in handy to use :slight_smile:

Some new mobo’s still have the old legacy pci slot on board. But if this adapter works, then it might be better to insert the card in a “native” pcie slot, than using the bridged slot.

Though I have read, that the Asus’ Z97 mobos (with legacy pci) works fine with the older HDSP pci cards, though I’ve never tried it myself.

But thanks for this info.

Yeah, the problem is, as far as I know, none of newer X99 motherboards have PCI slots. Also, as a mod pointed out on the RME forum, RME PCI cards with more I/O may be p[problematic because of the extra height incurred by the adapter. In that case, mods to the computer case may be in order.

Beatpete… I just upgraded to windows 10 with a motherboard that only has PCIE slots. I bought your recommended card. But I am not able to find the right driver for Windows to recognize this as a RME HDSP PCI Card… Kindly help me on how you set it up

I’m not sure. What revision of RME HDSP PCI card are you using? The latest RME drivers worked for me, been working without a glitch for 2 1/2 years.

I’ve read that pci cards will not work in pcie slots.

The original poster wrote: “Fo all you RME HDSP users, I got my trusty old HDSP PCI card (rev. 1.7 connected to a Digiface) to work perfectly with a StarTech PCI Express to PCI Adapter Card!
http://www.startech.com/ca/Cards-Adapte … d~PEX1PCI1

You’re right, pci cards will not work in pcie slots, that’s why you need to use an adapter… :wink:

Hmmm. Is latency affected at all?

Curious because then I might buy an RME card. I’m doing testing on my system this week. I’m going to try the Motu 828x via Thunderbolt and see what results I get

Latency is still better than any other audio interface I’ve tried (including the RME UFX).

Have you used Thunderbolt yet?

No, I’m on a PC with no native thunderbolt support. That said, my setup can keep up with all but the fastest TB interfaces.

Just curios did you have to custom make your pc case cause of the adapter. Sound card gets higher than it normally would?

I had to adapt to the case but it wasn’t that difficult, Still working great BTW!

yes, that what I thought. I was just curious cause some guy over at Gearslutz gonna try the same as you

Still working perfectly…

Just a mention that this still working in my new Ryzen 3950x build.

Hello , that is interesting . Which motherboard are you using ? Thanks in advance

Asus Prime X570-P

RME Multiface II+ Chinese adapter work fine
Chinese motheboard Kllisre +Xeon E5 2670

Yes, I have something similar, a PCI to PCIe Card from CSL Germany and its working flawless. No driver needed(Win 10 Pro)!