RME issues

I have the RME Fireface 802 and Nuendo 10.1.

Now when I change the buffer size in “Fireface USB Settings” the sound mutes in Nuendo and i have to turn the RME off and back on to make it work.

I’m hoping for some input as to how i can make this all work again as it should. Is anyone else having this issue?

yes… this plagued me for months. RME support was totally unhelpful as well. in my case it was related to wdm. if i’m remembering correctly in the rme control panel you can select how many wdm devices are available. reduce that number to a minimum. i’ll take a look when i’m at my studio to make sure. this solved the problem for me.

Thanks very much for the response. For me I trashed and rebuilt my preferences and that took care of it.

Well I was mistaken. I’m still having this problem. Any input would be greatly appreciated. And unfortunately, reducing the number of WDM devices didn’t fix the problem.

I haven’t experienced this issue (yet!)

I am running an RME Digiface Dante and use ASIO through my DAW’s with one single WDM device set up.

I found out the cause of my issues.

I had initiated Cortana and used one of the RME channels as my vocal input. I had given up on using Cortana but did not turn it off. This is what was causing the problem.When I turned it all off and everything is working as before.

i could see that causing problems. I’ve never had Cortana enabled, so that would explain why I never saw the issue pop up.

It’s madding how little things like that can hang you up.