I have just installed two Nuendo systems, i7 - 4 Ghz processor, 16 Gb Ram, Windows 7 professional, Nuendo 6.5.35 and RME Madi FX card. Aproximatly after an hour of the system running the VST performance display shows overloads that causes the playback to pause not stop. I have set the buffer size to 1024 and that did not change a thing.
I have a second system which has a HDSPe Madi card installed and this one shows a similar behaviour.
Both systems are connected to a Neve Quad Madi card.
Any ideas or experiences?

I seem to remember that there was a reported problem that above x-number of channels, this problem occurs.
A new RME driver fixes this problem.


Hello Fredo,

I already installed the latest driver and firmware. No changes.



I have an i7, win-7, with an RME HDSPe MADI card.

I have some odd unexplainable issues with N6.5
I would get random crashes,
rendering Audio mixdown would take 15 minutes instead of 40 seconds,
closing N6.5 would create an error message.

I upgraded from N6.0
I have had zero issues with N6.0
I think Your license for N6.5 should allow you to download and run the latest N6.0

I would be interested to see if you could download, install and test N6.0
and see if this eliminates your problems. I know it will take some time to download,
but I am really curious about the results.


6.5 and 6.0 are not fundamentally different.
I’d say it is caused by sequencial opdates without ever trashing preferences.

A good test is always to temporarely rename the folder(s) (also the older versions, 'cause there are used to build the new ones from, and thus you drag problems along) and let the rebuild from scratch. See how the system behaves and maybe drag back the specific preferences one by one.

Crash on exit was caused by the Eucon Driver, that was fixed with the latest update of that driver.


I have 6.5.35 installed and it still crashes on exit.

Fredo was this comment directed towards me/my system or Bruese’s.

I assumed that Bruese’s system was a brand new CLEAN install. Bruese is that correct ?

That goes for everybody.
It is good practice to start with a clean install for a new version.


Regarding my original issue i can report the following: when you have installed a RME HDSPE Madi Card or a RME Madi FX card, as I have and running Nuendo 6.5.30 or higher you experience terrible VST Performance problems. It took me 3 weeks and at least a very usefull Hint that solved the problem. If you einher step back to an earlier sw Version or disable in the programm settings midi Retrospektive Record.the Problem was that I got 4 brand new identical Systems. To with analogue cards, no problems, and the other two with Madi cards.
Thanks Bernhard.
By the way, Steinberg support could not solve my Problem, though I described it quite precisly.

Wow, that’s a wild one. The RME MIDI driver for the MADI cards has always seemed a bit odd to me. If you do not use the MIDI on the RME card, I would disable it.

I did disable all unsed Midi Ports as well