RME Setup help


I need some help, setting up vst connect se3 using my RME UFX audio interface, the issue is with using the talkback function in vst connect, I just can’t get it to work, and I’m lost why this is, I know I must be doing something wrong along the way but I just can’t seem to find-out what is it, also in totalmix under hardware inputs, (AN 1/2) gives echo delay then playing back using vst connect so I have to turn it down, why is this?

sorry if it’s a silly question to ask, but I been using a m-audio profire 2626 until now, and i do admit i find the rme totalmix interface a little confusing from what I am used too.

I use cubase 8 & 8.5,
RME UFX: audio mic input channel used is mic 9 (1st input at the front of the ufx)
audio output channel used is main 1&2 (basic studio out for this test setup)

please advise from what I have stated above, how I should to setup the rme totalmix and then also cubase connections page.



Hi budgierless, I agree the totalmix is a little bit confusing at the beginning. There are 2 pages: the Mixer page with the faders and a matrix page, where you have to route the mic input to an output. On the left and right you see the inputs, up and down the outputs. Just dubble click in a grey field and it gets green showing 0.0. that means a connection is set with 0dB level. If you dubble click it again, its removed.
Now type “m” for switching to the mixer page and test the mic. If you talk, you see the level in the input channel. Put the fader up and you should see the level in the output section at the bottom.
In Cubase start VST-Connect, then go to “VST Connections” (or press “F4”). On the “Studio” tab you should see a new entrence “Talkback”. Assign it to the correct output of the RME, witch you have patched in the Totalmix. Now it should work.

Ok didn’t know about the matrix page at all, will have a look, thanks

Maybe you should read the manual? As a small hint :wink: