RME UC doesn't work above 48 samples buffer

Cross-posted from the RME forum.
Cubase 8.5, Windows 7 Pro SP1, latest RME driver and firmware.

I’m using a secondhand Fireface UC, and Cubase will only output sound at 48 samples. There is no output, or distortion at other sample rates.

Any thoughts?

Has it ever worked or is this how it functions from purchase?

Have you tried any other ASIO software…same result or do they work?

You might also try ASIO4all in Cubase just to confirm the unit will work at another buffer (would be very odd if it didn’t!)

You need to go into Project>Project Setup or Shift + S and select the sample rate there. The Fireface UC will pick it up from there. Cubase is the master clock. It is project dependent so you will need to check your projects individually. Unfortunately if you have recorded any audio and you want to change the sample rate you will need to convert the audio to the new sample rate.

Hope that helps?

Ahh…they meant 48k sample rate.
I thought only working at a 48 sample buffer as per the thread title seemed really odd!

Yes, this happens when I try to change the buffer from 48 samples to 128, 56, 512, etc. (silence, or distortion)

The “generic low latency asio driver” works, but no matter how I set the latency (in ms), it reads 40ms in, 40 ms out. hmm…

I tried changing the buffer on Reaper, and it seemed to work. I also tried the interface on another PC and it was ok.

So it isn’t sample rate…it is buffer. Weird.

So to be absolutely clear.

If you change the buffer outside of Cubase to say 256 or 512 and then open Cubase you get no sound?
But if you change it back to 48 you get sound.

Yup. With or without resetting the audio system, the result is the same.

And of course you have tested this with a new empty project?

Turned out to be a problem with my motherboard chipset drivers. Thanks for your assistance!