RMS Metering in the MixConsole

An RMS display according to AES-17 for the individual meters in the MixConsole would be very useful. When I look at my Console I want to see immediately what is going on and this includes the average volume of the individual tracks. Especially for film and TV mixes this is very important!

In a DAW like Nuendo, which is intended for professionals in post production, this feature should definitely be included.

Its already there. Go to the Control Window and click on the Meter Tab. Click the settings icon below the read out “Digital Scale”.

I’m talking about the meters next to the faders in the mixconsole, not the master meter.

How many DAWs actually implement this? And what practical relevance would all of this do to a single sound, as opposed to summed sources at the master fader/submaster? Methinks for a single mono/stereo track on the mixconsole, the current metering in Nuendo tells us a lot about the track. Alternatively, you can solo that individual track and then watch the RMS meter on the master fader while its playing. You can also insert a metering plugin like Supervision, Insight and Waves PAZ meters on those track instances that you want to evaluate. I rarely find the need to micro-manage each track down to this granular metering level (for my own needs though), as the Nuendo ridge-meters, and all the effusive metering in Cubase and Nuendo both in the mixconsole and project window are really massive. But at the summed master-fader level, I do monitor intensely what goes on in terms of the varied metering types. Well, it depends on your context and what you are aiming to achieve.

What you can do is at least change the fallback time of the meter in preferences. It’s of course not the same as a ‘true’ VU, but at least you can do that as well as modify the color scheme to get something that looks closer to how it feels for you.

Same here.

I tend to set up meters on my stems as well as one that is dedicated to all speech (but not the dialog group). That way I can always monitor each ‘food group’ if I need to and I also have that meter for all speech. Different window-layouts have different plugins open depending on what I’m doing. In some cases where specs define that music needs to not be louder than XdB below dialog that’s really handy since I can see program average, dialog (speech) and music on my secondary screen.

Incidentally I’m loving the functionality of the new meter, but I don’t like the meter coloring and look (for loudness).

Colours should be changeable in the Prefs, and as a matter of fact NU11 indeed seems to remember them (opposed to NU10).

Sorry, I wasn’t clear: I meant in the new Supervision plugin, not in track meters.

Oh, I see. :slight_smile: