RND Compressor Sidechain Bug ?

I am using RND Portico Plugins Version 1.1 VST3 64 bit with Cubase 7.0.5 64 bit under Windows 7 and 8 64 bit.

When I enable sidechain Input for the RND Compressor and feed a key into the sidechain Input, the compressor does no react to the sidechain key signal, it still reacts to the actual channel input

If I use the exact same Setup with the generic Cubase compressor, it all works as expected.

Is this a known bug? Or am I missing something? Is there something I Need to do to enable sidechaining for RND compressor other than the sidechain button of the Cubase insert window?

I made a sample Project with 2 tracks, which unfortunately I cannot attach here:

  • track 1 with a test tone Generator and both the generic Cubase compressor and the RND compressor, and both have sidechain Input enabled
  • track 2 as a key track with a test tone Generator and sends into the side chain Inputs of both compressors of track 1

Expected behavior:
if track 2 (key track) is muted, both compressors on track 1 should show no gain reduction
if track 2 is unmuted, both compressors on track 1 should Show gain reduction

Actual behavior:

  • RND compressor Shows gain reduction Independent of mute of track 2
  • Cubase compressor behaves as expected

key_muted.jpg: screenshot with key track muted, showing RND compressor still with gain reduction
key_unmuted.jpg: screenshot with key track unmuted
Regards, Mikael